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1. Le Petit Nicolas de René Goscinny 勒内·戈西尼的《小尼古拉》

Difficulty 难度 : Easy - Intermediate 简单-中等

This book series tells stories of what childhood was like in France in the 1950s. Nicolas and his school friends embark on many adventures together. The storylines are meant for children so they have simple sentence structure, but are amusing and humorous at the same time.

2. Mon Père est Femme de Ménage de Saphia Azeddine 萨菲亚-阿斯蒂娜的《我的爸爸是女佣》

Difficulty难度: Easy – Intermediate简单-中等
This is a short novel that is fun to read, telling a coming-of-age story and the struggles faced in adolescence. This novel has also being adapted into a movie, making it ideal for learners of French to read the text and watch the adaptation to further develop reading and listening comprehension skills.

3. Le Petit Prince de Antoine Saint-Exupery 安东尼·德·圣·埃克苏佩里的《小王子》

Difficulty难度: Easy – Intermediate简单-中等
A true French classic in terms of literature for children, Saint-Exupery writes a charming story that intrigues children through the descriptions of characters, but also enchants adults in the ideas explored throughout. This is a fantastic book for all ages and all levels of French, and one that can be enjoyed time and time again.

4. Ensemble c’est Tout de Anne Gavalda 安娜·加瓦尔达的《只要在一起》

Difficulty难度: Intermediate – Advanced中级-高级
Not only is this a famous film featuring Audrey Tautou, but it is also a charming book to read. This novel has been translated into many languages as the story of an anorexic girl struggling to fit into society has touched people all over the world. The writing style and the dialogue are modern and pleasing to read.

5. Que serais-je sans toi? de Guillaume Musso 纪尧姆·米索的《如果没有遇见你》

Difficulty难度: Intermediate – Advanced中级-高级
A love story in the language of love, this novel is a great one for learners of French to read. With easy to follow vocabulary and an emotionally invested story line about choosing who to love, this story is sure to please French learners of any age.

6. Où on va, papa? de Jean-Louis Fournier 让-路易·傅尼叶的《爸爸,我们去哪?》

Difficulty难度: Easy – Intermediate简单-中级
This is the touching tale of a man who unexpectedly becomes a single father when he is reunited with his long lost son. Through well-structured narrative and easy vocabulary, the story of how he learns to become a father is told.

7. La Petite Fille de M. Linh 菲利普·克劳代尔的《林先生的小孙女儿》

Difficulty难度: Easy – Intermediate简单-中级
A wartime historical story, this tells the tale of a man who is forced to leave his village with only the clothes on his back. Even more, he leaves holding a small baby, whose parents died in the war. With touching word choices and simple sentence structure, this is an intriguing story to read about the long journey of a man with a little girl.

8. L’étranger de Albert Camus 阿尔贝尔·加缪的《局外人》

Difficulty难度: Easy – Intermediate简单-中级
This book is one for lovers of literature who want to read something philosophical and insightful. Camus questions society of 1955 and the values of the time through the character Meursault. The vocabulary and language itself is not challenging, but there are many deep themes that will make you think more about the text.

9. Les Ames Grises de Philippe Claudel 菲利普·克劳代尔的《灰色的灵魂》

Difficulty难度: Intermediate中级
Featuring themes such as death, war, and love, this book is not the emotionally-taxing, heavy reading material you might expect it to be. In fact, the uncomplicated descriptions and the thoroughly fascinating way it is written is great for beginner French learners.

10. Voyage au Pays des Arbres de J.M.G Le Clézio勒·克莱齐奥的《树岛的旅行》

Difficulty难度: Intermediate中级
Here the story follows a little boy who dreams of life in the forest and living among the trees. This is a great narrative to awaken the imagination and learn some interesting new French vocabulary along the way.



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